Same Night: The Holy Grail

Same Night Lays: The Holy Grail

Hello Illuminati,

We all want same night lays anyone that says they don’t is a liar, but how do we get them?

*There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting 7 hours, that is solid game beginner to advanced and should be used when there is less margin for error.

1. Same Night Lay IOI’s: Less clothing; when women are ovulating they are more likely to want to hook up, they look their best, their skin clears (glows) , their figure swells, and they go into hunt mode. They also wear less clothing, are louder (to attract attention) and are more accepting i.e they smile and flirt A LOT. These are the women you are looking for. Side note you are also looking for women that are out alone, she’s alone so there is no one to cock block her. By this token look for tourists.

2. Be Really, Really Attracted to Her: if you think she is ‘ok’ you will not do what is necessary. Your attraction to her will work on her mind, hypnotizing her especially if you remain individualized from her. Meaning want her, like her, even start falling for her, but never lose sight of the fact she has her goals and you have your’s which is to sleep with her, if she is strongly attracted to you back, her primary goal is to turn you into her “boy-friend” using whatever means necessary, note if she can do it without sleeping with you, she will. It’s balancing attraction and comfort. Attract her by letting her know you want her in no uncertain terms, but keep her comfortable by controlling the “storm” she is whipping up within you.

3. Seduce the Friends First! : You may be able to get a day two, a make-out and a time bridge from a girl who’s friends don’t like you. But you will never, ever be able to take her home. Her friends, her actual friends not just acquaintances, have to be won over first, even before you win over your target. Especially when it comes to same night lays. For a day 2, you can be nice to them (her friends), for a same night lay they have to wonder if you are secretly there to take ‘them’ home and not your target. Of course I am partially joking but not much. You want them to be happy for her, and when she asks what they think you want them to say “Go for it Girl!”.

4. Inner Game: Your Inner Game has to be untouchable, you can’t let any doubt in and nothing can faze you, the moment you doubt yourself or your attraction to her, it is going to play across your face to her and a few minutes later she will excuse herself. You are the ‘man on the wire’ you are the fighter pilot, there is simply no room for doubt. Her shit tests are taken out of context to become an advantage for you e.g  “how old are you?”  I always answer, ‘old as the hills, in fact (I touch her face) I’m stealing your youth right now!” or you just smile at her and ignore them.

5. Dance! If you want a same night lay you have to dance with her, why? Why do puppies wrestle? Why do lions love bite? Why do hugs feel good? We’re social animals and we thrive on touch, so unless you want to give random long hugs, (which actually works) get her to the dance floor. When a girl wants to dance she just starts. You will ask and she will say ’no’ why?because she knows it will raise her attraction for you, so hang in there relax and persevere. Once she realizes she’s the one being difficult and that you genuinely like her, she’ll suggest you dance or just start dancing like it was her idea. 

6. Gaze: This is linked with, being really, really attracted to her, but you can’t do it at the beginning and you can’t do it for no reason. But I jumped ahead, what is it to gaze?

Basic definition                  Gaze : to look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.

Deeper definition:              Gaze:  the act of seeing and being seen. 

Gazing is magic, it raises her heart rate and releases a hormone that makes her feel like she is falling in love. Not to be confused with staring.

Staring: to look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one's eyes wide open.

Staring is almost always unwanted. And can be abusive or challenging. Which is why guys don’t stare into each others eyes. And it gets on girl’s nerves.

So why can’t you gaze at the beginning? Because that is comfort first, it is unearned and can be confused with staring. However is this woman whom you are already deeply attracted to does or says something that you really like, it behooves you to positively re-enforce the heck out of that, which is where gazing comes in. You can even be self-referential about it, “I know I’m looking at you, but I just can’t help it, you’re just so…” 

This is a mix of attraction, comfort, screening and positive re-enforcement and is often followed by the make out.  If you gazed right she will initiate, if note see 7.

7. Kissing: It is very unlikely that you will get a same night lay if you do not kiss her in venue. Kissing or rather kino does not start with gazing, it starts the moment you start gaming her.   

non intimate touch: hands, arm, shoulder, hip.

Kiss sequence: kiss back of hand, shoulder, cheek, neck, lips.

Funnily enough a girl that doesn’t want to kiss you on the lips will still accept a kiss on the cheek. 

This used to be a huge sticking point for me, till I realized it doesn’t really matter where you are kissing her, if she is accepting it, then you’ve kissed her.

8. Differing mating Strategies: The male mating strategy is pretty basic spread seed. The female mating strategy is to pair bond (make you her boy-friend, go steady, get married) to give her potential offspring the best chance of surviving and thriving. Even if she wants a one night stand tonight, this strategy underlines everything a woman does in her dating life. Where both strategies meet and see eye to eye, is that a relationship does not begin till sex.

Now if she can make you her boy-friend without sleeping with you she will, she however her attraction to you will greatly reduce, so much so she is actually more likely to meet someone else, whose value is so high she sleeps with him to make him her boy-friend and breaks up with you. (Happens all the time.) To her sex is a tool to get you into a long term relationship or at least to give her that option. Your job is to get her to use the sex option, just beware, it is super-powerful. 


9. Persevere: Know, don’t think, know, it is on and act accordingly, don’t say it out loud, (unless you are just confident like that). Always, always walk her out, she will try to dissuade you, but that’s because she knows she will be tempted, so go with her and tempt away. Also once outside if possible ask for a ride it will give her plausible deniability. If she drops you off invite her in, but only for a bit, you have that important thing in the morning remember? (Wink, wink) If you are dropping her off ask to use the bathroom. Note* At this point the shit-tests will come fast and furious  if they come at all, and will get you to the point you want to give up, don’t, don’t get mad or frustrated or you will fail instead persevere, if you can’t take anymore, disengage, go to sleep, freeze out or go home. This will let her know where the line is with you, however you don’t get points for that.

10. LOGISTICS: Condoms, transportation, sex location. Nuff said also know when to pull out and time bridge for the day 2.