Hierarchies and Belonging Or Gaming College Girls


Hierarchies and Belonging Or Gaming College Girls

Hello Illuminati, quick biology lesson. The more status we have the more serotonin we have, the more serotonin we have the more dominant and attractive we are to women.
Women are acutely aware of your status they use context clues which is why dating college girls when you are not in college is so tricky. You are not part of that community, so you don't have status within it. You know that which lowers your serotonin which makes you less dominant and attractive. Think of it as NOT having home court advantage. But the beauty of being human is you are not a victim of biology, you can actively fight to gain status in any dominance hierarchy. We will explore this through the lens of gaming college girls.
Life is a bunch of games, the goal is to be able to be high up across as many games as possible.
By games I mean dominance hierarchies.

1. Become as physically imposing a specimen as you can.

2. Take care of your health, wealth and relationships.

3. Do interesting stuff, for you and so you can invite people to them i.e actually chase your dreams, whatever they may be.

4. Get a basic understanding of game because, college girls are ruthless and will test you, like a lot. (They see most guys as an inexhaustible resource.)

5. Go with a good wing, preferably one that goes to the college you will be gaming at. (Otherwise you will be easy to isolate. Also it rarely matters how good you are, if you don't have or can't create or recruit a wing or pivot.)

6. Frequent the college hangouts you intend to game at. Proximity and exposure (being seen, not flashing) counts for a lot. 

7. College attracts free thinkers, artists, actresses, dancers, so performances and clubs that cater to this may be your best bet.

8. If you want sorority girls, game them in bars and clubs away from their home turf. (Not at college bars. Clubs are fine.)

9. If you must game at a college bar, pretend to ignore sets till you open them, and only open in the most "whatever" way you can, because this is what passes for status with college guys. Being happy and warm can work too, but there are few beings as aggressive as a college male or female for that matter. Like dogs young people smell fear and will attack if they sense weakness.

10. Take heart, no one admits this but it is an evolutionary fact women are generally more attracted to men that are 10 years older.

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