How To Deal With Anger Or Avoiding The Dark Side


How to Deal with Anger Or Avoiding the Dark Side

Hello Illuminati, this weekend has been absolutely Amazing! Thank you to all the people that sent their best wishes. That showed up to congratulate and show support, I appreciate all of you. Today's blog post is going to be about ANGER.

I have a very special relationship with anger. My life more than most, less than others has caused me to feel anger at different times for extended periods.
I am unsure if it was sadness masquerading as anger, or other times it was anger masquerading as sadness. But I realized things were always not going the way I wanted them.

Whether it was hating and fearing my )*^ or getting stabbed through the heart or watching all my relationships break down in front of me. I had rage and sadness.

The only point when I was finally able to start putting my anger behind me is when I started taking responsibility for my actions and by doing so I took responsibility for my life.

Taking responsibility is hard especially when you have lived life believing everything is someone else's fault. And there are times when it genuinely is, someone else's fault.

But wallowing and blaming gives you no power, instead it takes power from you. It twists up your mind and blinds you to how much power you actually have.

"Truth this is all very well and good, but what does this have to do with Game?"

As you get better at Game, you are going to start failing a whole bunch more, (sorry this is the nature of mastery) it is going to be spectacular quite frankly because everyone of you will face situations that are tailor made to test the parts of you, you don't want to face.

You are going to get angry. You can use that anger to get better or you can use it to blame everyone else. One will improve your game to no end, the other will not.

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