Gaming The venue Or Do You See What I See?


Gaming The Venue Or Do you see what I see

Hello Illuminati, when it comes to figuring out where to go, a lot of 'logistics' actually goes into having a successful night out gaming.
Questions include, what kind of girls you like, where they go to party and when.
Say you have answered all these questions and you have found where the goths (is that still a thing?) party in D.C now what? Well this is where it gets fun.

1. Peacock, wear something you like that makes you stand out, and act like it's no big deal. People will ask about it, challenge it, try to take it or take a picture with it. This is not a bad thing in fact, it's essentially fame, people react the same exact way.

2. Stand and move like you own the place. Seriously, greet the staff, smile, stand tall and take the center, move slowly and smile (yes, it's that important) all these people are making you money after all. (wink, wink)

3. Talk to everyone that talks to you: Your body language and peacocking suggest you are important and humans are naturally going to want to investigate. So smile, be warm and make them feel good, you are the host after all. A small draw back of this is you will often be interrupted in set. Smile and deal with it like a gracious celebrity. (Did I mention smile?)

4. Circulate: You are always more valuable the more you move around the bar or club, than staying in one place, plus you get to see everyone and everyone gets to see you. But beware of roaming around looking like a shark looking for a girl to open. Humans are herd animals and always notice predatory behavior. Move slowly, and naturally, move around the venue opening your preselected sets.

5. Have Pre-selected Sets: As you move around the venue make note of the girls you will open. Maybe now is not the right time. Keep a mental tally of who you want to talk to, so you are always 'on mission' and move about the venue naturally.

6. How to pick a Set: Pick girls you are most attracted to, often what we are most attracted to is also attracted to us, unfortunately this isn't magic although it can often seem like it. No, it's just all your training coming to bare, and the fact she likes you.

7. Same Night-ing: Say you want to take a shot at same night-ing. Look for girls wearing less clothing and doing their best to get everyone's attention. They will often seem intimidating, but do not fall for that nonsense at all, it's just a shit test, and if you can't pass it, you don't deserve them. I personally would rather "burn down a whole club" (open every set over and over getting shot down repeatedly to the point it's ruining everyone's night) than be intimidated.

8. Back Up Venues: Always have back up venues you can either bounce a girl to. (Somewhere quiet) Or you can bounce to when your current venue is not up to snuff.

9. Game Outside The Venue: Do not sleep on going outside!!! It is Amazing. It's not loud, you can hear each other and see each other and appreciate each other in a way, the darkness and loudness of the club does not allow. And you don't even have to smoke. It's extremely democratic, everyone talks to everyone. And if you get ignored ask nicely "what's wrong with you?"

10. Never Give Up: Most important as the night goes on, if success has not been achieved, you will be tempted to acquiesce either physically by leaving or mentally. Don't. Never give up, because you Sir, are in 'winning time'. This is what Jordan called it, that time in the game, where everyone is tired and all you need to do to win is dig deeper than the other guy. But you Sir are competing against yourself. Do you have the heart of a champion?

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