10 Steps to Get Dates In D.C Or D.C Dates 10 Steps to Get


10 Steps To Get Dates In D.C or D.C Dates 10 Steps To Get

1. Work Out

I don’t care what you do as long as it gets your heart rate up for at least an hour everyday. You are the man, the protector and no matter how advanced we become as a society, that will always be your primal role. Work out for strength, cardio and an added bonus if you do Brazillian Jiu-jitsu.

2. Dress Business Casual

I am all for repping your own style, as long as you look like you are going somewhere (in life). Pants, button downs, suits and ties express this. Within this set of clothing is a plethora of ways you can express yourself. *Wear clothes that fit.

3. Study “Communication between the sexes.”

As a man in this day and age there is simply no reason to not learn about how women think. It makes no sense. Learn from books that have been tried and tested “The Game, The Art of Seduction” rather than marketing videos, that give you only a fraction of the information, “the Pick-Up Industry” (yes, it’s an industry") is a business like any other, why would they give away their secrets for free?

4. Get a Wing

There is no rule that says you have to do this by yourself. Now if there isn’t anyone to wing you, don’t sit at home, go out anyway as the ability to be social by yourself is an extremely useful skill. That said make it easier on yourself by finding a wing who’s strengths compliments your own. E.g he might be better at attracting and you might be better at building comfort. Convert a friend, make friends while you are out or join a forum or group.

5. Find a Mentor

This is the biggest determiner of how fast you get good at dating communication. You can make all the mistakes essentially wasting your life or you can learn from other’s mistakes and stand on the shoulders of giants. Find and befriend someone who is getting the results you want and do what they do and listen to their advice. If you can’t find one, hire one. If your issue is paying to learn game, then you are not ready to get better, and if your friends tell you not to hire a coach, they simply don’t want you to get better than they are.

6. Boost your Strengths and Shore Up Your Weaknesses

Determine if you are an attractor or comfort builder. And get better at both. I blog and vlog on this topic extensively you can get more info @ TruthRelationshipManagement.com, and Truth Relationship Management /You Tube.

7. Learn To Time Bridge (Properly set up a date.)

Time bridging is the next evolution of a number close. Just number closing is inviting the girl who’s number you got to flake on you. In order to make that number solid, you have to tell her why you will be calling her, it can be any reason you both agree on, except sex. But worse than sex is not giving her a reason to answer when you call later. During conversation, drop bait about your life that she can bite. “I act, I sing, I take photos, I do improv” etc. The caveat is you actually have to do interesting things with your life. Bonus points if it is something she can physically watch. She may ask you to invite her, or you can invite her and use that as a reason to see her again. Even something as simple as coffee can be super interesting if you bait it right “ I would love to meet up with you and talk more about… being in my play, letting me take your picture, discussing the post modern collapse of blah, blah, blah etc. And you don’t just text once. Text twice and call, don’t leave a voice message no one does that anymore. And don’t try to build attraction over texts or social media, the only exceptions to this are your pictures and Tinder. Your first text should be your name, “save this” and maybe “it was nice meeting you.”

8. Learn to Kiss Close Consistently

During your interaction if you are using attraction and comfort properly along with active touching, if you are honestly expressing yourself there will come a point when you will gaze at each other, either one of you can initiate it, it will be something either of you said or did and it will open a window and start a countdown, within which you have to kiss her. To help this process along, be on top of your state, and balance attraction and comfort, err more on the side of attraction, also touch her neutrally! Shoulders, small of back, hands, arm. If this is accepted, kiss the back of her hand, her wrist, her shoulder, her neck, her cheek and if she likes this, her mouth.

9. The Meaning Of Rejection

Rejection is a girl’s way of helping you get to the girls that want you. I repeat it is a girl’s way of helping you get to the girls that want you. By saying ‘no’, she’s basically saying, “there isn’t anything here for you, try over there.” So thank her and keep it moving, there are about 3.5 Billion females on earth. In the words of the great poet Jay-z “on to the next one.”

10. Logistics, logistics, logistics

Get your proverbial shit together. Have condoms, have a place to take her back to, and have a way to get her there. If you invite her you pay unless you decide together to split it, or take turns or whatever. When going out to socialize, know where you are going, arrive at the right time, know when to switch bars and research where you are going to make sure the kind of girls you like, go there.

Remember, Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.