The Time I Took Over NYC or Acting School Is Awesome Part 3

The Time I Took Over NYC or Acting School Is Awesome
Part 3

So I had Key to exert my game skills on the school, through. And I had a low enough profile where I could somewhat concentrate on learning acting. The plan was going good, too good. 
Key called me up one day and said "hey we are watching a movie in the kitchen come on down."
I was suspicious but curiosity got the better of me, besides, how else do you move the plot forward?
Anyway I go to the kitchen which doubled as our, and I see Key, Donatella, and the most beautiful red-head I have ever seen. She had pale skin the color of milk, ruby red lips, and eyes the color of blue ice. She was petite but had the rounded face of an old fashioned movie star, and she had this expression on her face like she was always surprised, but you knew she wasn't, like a fucking queen. I'd seen her before but seeing her in that kitchen made me feel like I had been punched in the stomach and had lost my breath.
"Hi" I said to Key and I proceeded to sit down and watch the movie. And say nothing.
The atmosphere was charged, Key was expecting a reaction, I was playing dumb and the girls caught on that something was going on.
Towards the end of the movie, Key excused Donatella and himself, leaving Red with me.
I had hardly said two words to her, and instead of watching the movie she was staring a hole into the side of my head.
Finally the movie ended proper, and realizing I wasn't going to make the first move, she proffered her hand, in an exaggerated almost threatening manner and said
"Hi, my name is Red!"
I shook her hand and replied
"Hi, my name is Truth" and looked her in the eye, and in that moment I was lost. I knew I had fallen in lust with her and that my plan to stay in the shadows was doomed. But I'd be damned if I didn't try.
So I told her it was nice to meet her and left.

In the coming days Key, Donatella, Red, I and a few other girls and guys would walk back from school together. As I said Key was now the most popular guy at school so there was never a shortage of people in our posse.
In fact I'm sure a lot of the people trying to get into our group must have wondered why Key, the king, hung out with me so much. Irony.
Although to be absolutely honest, I'm an introvert, I know all the mechanics of groups but I can find them exhausting my job is understanding people's psychology and attracting them, I know how to make them feel comfortable and make them stay, but I find that to be too much trouble, which is why I needed the Key (get it?) who is a natural comfort builder, the glue, if you will, to keep everyone together.

Anyway one day around the time Obama was becoming president, I separated Red and myself, from the group on the way home and we had an adventure.
We went to an antique clothing store and tried on clothes, we went to a comic book store where she impressed me with her knowlege and love of Frank Miller, we looked at dirty comics where she impressed me with her sense of sexy.
We went to an adult store, which Manhattan is lousy with but was unfortunately a bit creepy.
We had a blast it was bliss, I fell for her even harder, the whole time I kept my cover as an average frustrated chump, I even stupidly held out hope I could woo her without my cool, real personality.
It was like I was at war with myself.
As we reached the hotel I screwed up my courage and asked her to come to my room later and watch a movie with me, this is the predecessor to Netflix and Chill, and she said "yes".
"I'm nailing it!" I thought.

I waited for hours, after the fourth hour, I realized she wasn't coming and I was straight up depressed. Then I got a call.

Key: What are you doing?
Truth: Hanging out in my room.
Key: Cool, cool, hey did you by any chance ask Red to come back to your room and watch 'FightClub'?
Truth: (Heart sinking) Yea..?
Key: She's not coming.
Truth: No duh? How do you know?
Key: She's here...
Truth: Wha...
Key: She told me...we laughed... I mean, I did to keep your cover.
Truth: No!! no, that's cool, that makes sense (voice cracking) to keep our cover. The plan is working, yay.

I hung up, and I straight up cried.

Gori Olufon