The Time I Took Over NYC or Acting School Is Awesome Part 2

The Time I Took Over NYC or Acting School Is Awesome
Part 2

As I said year one at acting school in NYC was a wash, the combination of alcohol, night life and girls made it almost impossible to focus. I frequently fell asleep in class.
So during a break I sat down and tried to figure out how I could, learn my craft of acting and still practice game, without one stifling the other. Then it hit me, get a student but not just any student, not only would I teach this student 'game' but I would exert all my 'game' through this figure head, meaning I would not just teach this student 'game' but give him access to all my powers, if you will, that way he would be seen as the 'playa'. And I could fly under the radar and maybe get some work done.
So now I had the perfect plan, but I needed the perfect student and I soon found him in Key (not real name) I smoked back then, so we would meet outside the hotel (did I mention I lived in a 5 star hotel in the middle of Manhattan?) and in order to pique his interest I would simply tell him stories.
Now he, like a number of you, was incredulous, "How are you getting all these girls? Are these stories even true?" And so I explained how I got the girls in my stories, step by step. Until he was hooked.
Unfortunately at this time I practiced mostly dark game, the super manipulative, Machiavellian, sex at any cost, fuck-boy type of game. And I warned him about it. He said he could handle it, they always say that.
I told him 'game' could lead him down a dark path, I told him, he would one day get so powerful we would become rivals. I told him I would give him the power to sleep with any girl he wanted. He said yes he wanted that power and that day even though we didn't know it. 
He sold his soul.
Now this was the greatest student I have ever had because all the predictions became true. Now you may be wondering how he got so good. Here are the factors.
1. He listened. He had no preconceived ideas and treated everything I said like gospel. (You don't have to do this, I am merely stating it helped him, and caused me to teach him more.)
2. We lived in the same hotel, so he trained all day everyday as we spent almost all our free time together.
3. Unlike most guys, we didn't have to leave the 'house' to meet women. Our, home, work and play were with the most beautiful, talented, barely-legal, performers from all over the world. Talk about motivation.
I made his inner game air tight. He learned attraction, he honed his natural comfort building ability and learned how to be cool till girls decided to seduce him. And with the competition between the girls so high, to get with the highest value guys, they naturally gravitated to the guy with no flaws in his game, while I flew under the radar, yea I slept with girls here and there, but it seemed like luck, and I kept it quiet enough not to raise too many suspicions. 
Fast forward two weeks and Key and I are sitting in his room talking about 'game'.
Key: So I was hanging out with Billy, and he wanted to know how I was so confident with women. I told him you just have to know in your mind that you are the shit.
Then Billy said "I don't know man I'm just not as cool as you" and I said STOP!

At this point Key rips off his shirt, Key is a little chubby and very hairy. He continues.

Key: I said "Billy! Look at me! I have TITTIES and I'm HAIRY! Do you think I give a FUCK? FUCK NO! And here's the crazy part, because I don't CARE, they don't CARE!

"Holy Shit!" I thought to myself."That is what game is." And this brand new dude had internalized it in 2 weeks. I was astounded. 
How come? I was honestly a little grossed out when he whipped off his shirt, but his speech actually carried me along and inspired me! And I was the one that gave him this knowledge. 
Was this a result of belief in self, the fact we were in the Matrix or was this just a testament to his acting ability. I don't know but the story he told me next knocked me flat on my back and would change our relationship in the coming years.

He told me about Red a Swedish ballerina, with red hair and a no nonsense attitude. Apparently they started out massaging each other and then their relationship took on an oral aspect. I told him about my susceptibility to red heads and that if she was as he described I could never, ever meet her as she would break my cover. More on that later.
He then told me about Donatella a spoiled Pilipino rich girl, he had also developed an oral relationship with.
I congratulated him, he said
"Wait I haven't even told you the best part yet"
"What?" I asked wondering, how this story could get any better.
"They're roommates."
A bucket of Ice-water, hit me in the face. I literally had to hug him to hide my surprise. Behind his back I mouthed "Oh my God" to no one in particular. This kid was exhibiting advanced, advanced level game after only 2 weeks of training!
I was honestly a little freaked out. Think about it, two roommates! They both had to know the other was blowing him, yet they would, both rather share the chance to suck his dick than bring it up to him or to each other and make him chose and not, get the chance to suck his dick. And these are 9's!
This is around the time the Matrix took over, I was clearly no longer in control, I re-iterated to Key, how I had an obsession with Red heads and he assured me he would keep me away from her. I asked if I had seen her before and he said yes.
Apparently we were smoking and talking outside one day, and as girls are want to do, the girls were starting to get curious about what we were always talking so animatedly about. 
We would always jokingly, say we were discussing leadership, taking care of our friends, the qualities of being a man, but for some reason when Red walked by and asked, we said the above, and something possessed me to say "And you know fucking as many girls as possible" we all then laughed.
Well, Key and I did, she smiled politely, and looked right through me, like she knew I wasn't joking and left.
The plan with my saying that, was to hide in plain sight. But she knew some how. And then the fit hit the proverbial shan.

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