The Time I Took Over NYC Or Acting School Is Awesome

The Time I Took Over NYC Or Acting School Is Awesome
Part 1.

After college I was given an ultimatum by my mom,

Mom: If you don't want to be a lawyer, what do you want to be?

Me: An actor, like I've been saying since I was five.

Mom: Alright, get into acting school, or come home. (to Nigeria)

At this point I freaked out because, while I had been acting at college, I didn't think I was good enough to go to acting school.
I froze up, I was afraid, why? Looking back it's the same fear that keeps everyone from chasing their dreams.


I'd have indisputable proof, that the one thing I want to do, I'm not good enough to do.
Luckily I had support, I applied to the top three acting schools in NY, (sans Juliard, because I'm realistic, lol.) The idea is I would work my way down.
My little sister filled out my applications while I wrote the essays.
I got into all 3, with scholarships to two. Point is, don't let anyone tell you or make you feel like you are not good enough for something because very often the thing keeping you from achieving your dream is you believing them.

Fast forward to my 2nd Year of Acting school, the first year was kind of a wash.
What I mean is, I had been studying 'Game' for about two years prior to acting school and honestly, getting girls in acting school was like having a shotgun and shooting fish in a... it was like taking candy from a..., got it, it was like banging a group of the hottest, most talented, barely legal, co-eds that all had a deep, almost pathological, need for attention.
It was like being a hot director in Hollywood, they all wanted a part. And I had the perfect part for them.

Gori Olufon