The Virginity Story Part 2

The Virginity Story Part 2
So I go back to the barracks and message the big girl, because what could it hurt. This was when instant messenger was still big.
Found out she was taking a Korean girl home for Thanksgiving break, and I don't know how I knew, I just did, it was her, the tall busty one.
So I asked the big girl for the Korean's instant messenger and she gave it to me and I proceeded to never messenger her again. The Korean we will call Jamie, (I kind of feel bad I don't even remember her name, ah well.) and I set up a date at a local park.
So I waited for the day and asked for advice, I got all sorts of advice, none more useful than "hit that Bro" but I did get summoned by a fellow senior that was older and was rumored to have been in a gang.
He told me to be brave, stay focused and confident and he gave me a bright florescent orange Durex condom. Looking back it was a godsend.
Anyway I packed my civvies, a Structure sweater, and some oversize black jeans I was a fan of, into my laundry bag. My plan was to pretend to take leave to go into town to do laundry, change at the laundromat and call a cab to go on my date.
I felt like a spy on a mission. I got in the cab and we went to the park, arriving at 2pm when we had agreed to meet, and we drove around the park and did not see her. Oh oh.
Undeterred I asked if there was another park, so we went to that and again no Jamie! A lesser man would have given up but I remembered the wise words of that senior and fingering the unopened orange condom in my pocket I took heart.
"Let's go to Mary-Baldwin", I said, by now the cabbie and I were fast friends, I like to think he saw a little of himself in me. We were both "Oscar Miked" (On Mission).
We arrived at Mary-Baldwin and I got out found out where the main office was and strode up like I owned the place, asking, nay, demanding to be told where Jamie lived.
As you can imagine the information was not forth coming, but I like to think the ladies behind the desk gave me points for ballsyness.
I walked out of the main office, looked back at my cab and the cabbie, and in that moment decided no, I would not return home in defeat. Looking around trying to pull it together and who do I see, but Jamie, her hair is straight now and she is wearing jeans and a top but I recognized her immediately.
And she recognized me as well. She'd only seen me once fleetingly at the dance.
She looked at me said 'bye' to her friends and walked over, I wasn't even mad she wasn't at the park.
We hugged and made small talk. I asked her if she had a boyfriend. "No".
'Do you want one?'
'No, I'll wait till I get back home.'
I had nothing. Then suddenly she asked in broken english
"Do you want to see my secret place?"
On the inside I was doing back flips, and cheering. On the outside.
"Yea sure, that sounds cool, or whatever"

She took me to this old abandoned railway station a bit of a ways from the school, and from the cigarette butts and empty liquor bottles, I guess this was where the girls 'hung out'.
We sat on an open platform and it was sunny. And we felt each other up and kissed.
It started getting hot and heavy and...

Pause= Bear in mind this was the first time I was even going to attempt to do it. And all I knew about sex at this time was what I saw in movies, not porn, regular movies. 
All I knew was the hero starts making out with the love interest, it fades to black, and they are spent, naked and in bed smoking cigarettes. I had no idea what happened in the middle, which explained my next move.

I had a brilliant idea, I reached into my pants and pulled out the condom, opened it and put the bright, bright, orange thing on in open day light. It was deserted, yes, but still.
Understandably she looked at me like I was a crazy person, so I explained.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, we don't have to do anything, I'm just putting this on, just in case."

She looked at me with her head cocked to the side like I was crazy for a moment, it might as well have been an eternity, when finally, she said

"It stays on?"

I said "yes, it stays on."

Only then did she let me take her jeans off and mount her. It was amazing and loud and the sun was beaming down on my butt, I finished, she thought it was over, lol. I went again 'no breaks, this is Africa'

Afterwards she took her panties back, that I had tried to steal for proof, and, bought me ice-cream, moose tracks. It's still my favorite to this day.

I called my cab went to the barracks, and was halted at the gate by the student on guard duty.

Guard: Olufon, heard you were going on a mission, how did it go?

Me: Mission accomplished.

And with the pride of accomplishment I walked into the Quadrangle, when the guard set of the alarm bell. Students and staff ran out onto the ramparts alike to see what the alarm was about. I was freaking out that I was being ratted out. When over the speakers we all heard.


I was spotted in the middle of the Quadrangle, and the clapping and cheers were deafening. Even the staff and teachers, gave me thumbs up.

It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Afterwards, she tried to get me to take her to prom, but I wasn't interested for some reason.

The End.