The Virginity Story Part 1

The Virginity Story Part 1.
I came to the U.S at 17 and went to a military prep school called Fishburne Military School. Which is one of the few top military schools left in America. Don't believe me? Vince McMahon went there. Apparently the Vietnam War was so unpopular lots of military schools in the U.S closed. The few that were left were for the families that were rich and hard core military and the kids that had to go there instead of Juvie.
Looking back I guess I was the first option, but at the time, military school was sold to me by my mom as a way to jump into American culture feet first in the deep end.
Looking back it was a great experience, at the time it SUUUUCKED!!!, I and maybe four other black students in an all boys military school in the south. 
Now it was not racist at all, but fuck, with the uniforms, formations, marching to chow, bed by 10, up by 6, incessant push ups. And the fucking sociopaths that went there, a lot of the students were okay, but a lot had fucking screws loose.
Maybe I did too.
Now as a Senior that was essentially going there to learn about American culture, I got to go on a lot of trips. Snow boarding, sports, dances, church trips.
And one of these dances was a visit the PEG program at Mary Baldwin University, (Program for the Exceptionally Gifted) essentially a genius program for high school girls.
But before that let me back track, the Peg girls came to visit, and I killed a mosquito on one's chest, and got sang to by a mixed young woman named Kendra, that might be important later.
So there is this dance at Mary Baldwin, we put on our dress uniforms and we roll with more confidence than we deserve.
I am super confident because, that's my preset.
We get there and it is a straight up ball ya'll! Like Cinderella had to go to, everyone is in gowns, but there are dudes there in suits. Suspicious I know, we didn't approve this but my squad and our hot short Indian teacher chaperone moved in and did recon.
Turns out they weren't dying to get the military cock, seeing as they were all up on their towny boy-friends. The squad and I were dejected and pissed.
When finally having enough I took off my stiff constraining dress tunic and approached in tight pants and a t-shirt, (against regs) and soon after a funny thing happened, everyone loosened up, started dancing and having fun with everyone.
I danced with the most delicate petite South Korean girl, I'd say she was 16.
We grinded it was great, but then she started grinding forwards into me kind of hard, I went with it, but then she started being very rhythmic and rough, so I stopped dancing and just stood there, didn't matter to her, she kept going, then she suddenly stopped and shuddered. I looked into her eyes and while I was a virgin, I had masturbated before and that look was unmistakable, this virginal, tiny asian girl had just cumm on my leg. My first thought was "no one is going to believe this". She tried to isolate me outside, till I remembered, I'm black surrounded by Southern women in gowns with grown up chaperones.
I assumed I wouldn't have been hanged, but I wasn't taking the risk.
But this Asian woman was symptomatic, of how boy-crazy all the girls got, you could tell they had been instructed to lock their arms around our heads and dance fancy, instead they locked their cute, cute, cute little arms around our heads so we couldn't escape as they tried to grind us to death, or to completion, I assume they would have been fine with either.
I got a big girl's number and just before we all left I saw 'her' tall, busty, curvy, beautiful and twerking her ass off, have you ever seen a tall Korean teenager twerking, one that has an hour glass figure? I don't care how old you are or where you are from, this is something we can trully all come together on. 
I had already stored her every move in my spank bank, when some black dude walked up to her and...started making out with her. I almost lost my mind, 'why not me!' never mind this was the first moment I had laid eyes on her. I wanted her with every fiber of my being.