10 Things That Happen When You Start Working Out

10 Things That Happen When You Start Working Out

1. Your confidence i.e your dominance increases. You are less afraid, of people, of injury of embarrassment and challenges mental or physical.

2. Strangers acknowledge you. Where you would have been ignored or brushed past. People now take the time to look at you and acknowledge you, they may greet you or smile. And yes, you are more pleasing to look at. But really you're more dangerous so you get more respect. It's human nature from the time we are children we respect and defer to people that are bigger/stronger than us.

3. Women, hit on / touch you more. As you increase in size and strength you move into the realm of an ideal. E.g not a lot of women have seen a six pack on a grown man, in person. Women will often grab your arms during conversation when there is no need. You essentially become the male version of a hot chick, with big boobs.

4. You get smarter. More blood moves in your body nourishing everywhere including your brain. Also the part of your brain that manipulates your limbs when you exercise is the same part of your brain that manipulates your thoughts.

5. You get healthier. Duh. You burn fat, which is good for your heart. You are forced to rest which is good for you. Your immune system along with all your other systems get stronger and more robust and resistant to injury and disease. And you live longer.

6. You become resistant to depression, burn off anxiety, have an elevated mood due to endorphins, and actual visual, physical accomplishment.

7. You are stronger/better resilience (cardio) Which women seek in a mate for protection and the ability to take care of a family.

8. You manifest how good your genes are, so women know what they are 'getting', what your kids will look like.

9. You display your ability to be focused and disciplined and that you are goal oriented and not easily distracted. Because everyone knows working out is hard. It's right there in the name.

10. This to me may be the most important reason. And that is, working out makes me content with myself. I don't feel empty or need to be constantly around others. I don't need to chase anyone down to spend time with me. I can exercise and wait till they come find me.


Gori OlufonHealth