Inner Game Or Stoicism

Inner Game Or Stoicism
Hello Illuminati, I've been delving into what the correct way to be is. It's inner game, it's philosophy its the way of the superior man.
And what I realized is that I stumbled upon my personal, most effective way of being when I was very young and then stayed that way, and not till I decided I wanted to grow as a person did I start to question myself.
I was very intensely bullied by my %^$ as a child and was always in a state of emotional and psychic pain, till I decided I would not be, anymore. I decided I would not care any more, I decided that all the parts within me that hurt would have to die.
Sounds intense doesn't it? It was, but I also had the good sense to keep my sense of humor and joy. This allowed me, despite however deep into myself I sank to be able to come back at a moment's notice to celebrate and experience joy be it with my sister our dogs or even my %^$.
It kept me sane, I began to look forward to them, to moments of sheer joy and happiness, I hunted for them, tried to create them for others and became addicted to them. Creating an addictive personality in myself in the process.
Alright, what does this have to do with stoicism and what does this have to do with you.
Simple, every thought, every feeling, every decision that goes through your head is your's. You are in control.
My &%$ wants me to feel bad, timid, afraid? I don't. That's how I fought back, and no doubt where the narcissism stems from. I'm not saying be a narcissist if you aren't already, or be an asshole. All I'm saying is the only real control a beautiful or otherwise woman has over you, nay the only real control any other human on earth has over you is. In. Your. Mind. And as soon as you get that, realize it and internalize that, no one will ever be able to control you.
You can do anything. My %$* controlled my world, she could hurt me physically, she could hurt me emotionally. But I took control of my mind against the person that knew me the best.
Strangers should never have a chance to even get close, hot or not, high status or not. 
People only have the power over you, you give them.

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