TRM Tinder Game Part 2


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TRM Tinder Game Part 2

So part one covered how to get the date. This will cover what to do on the date.

The important thing to note, meeting a girl on Tinder is essentially blind dating with pictures and messages sent back and forth, so act accordingly.

8. It's near your house get there first, wait and bring a book.
Getting there first you control the terrain, you have home field advantage you can relax be chill and suave. Sit wherever you want.
The book is to read while you wait, in case she flakes, has bad time management, or something legit actually comes up.
If she arrives, late or on time she'll know you are not about wasting your time.
Your life goes on, you weren't going to rely on her for anything. Quality women like that.

9. If she is late, I like to text 5 mins after she was supposed to arrive. It is up to you how long you wait, you aren't obligated to do anything, just like she isn't obligated to even show up.

10. Once she arrives I rise, smile and hug her, even if she offers a hand. I've never had someone not accept a hug, and if that happens you know something weird is up. (On the other hand if she is really excited to see you, give her a choice between coffee there or a real drink back at your place. Either way you win.)

11. Buy her coffee: Yes I know this may be controversial, but the fact is you asked her out, so you pay, unless something else was worked out.
Also she has very little information about you, and being tight with coffee money, isn't going to be seen as "on principle", it will be seen as cheap.

12. Make conversation: She already showed up so go for it! You still have to attract her and make her feel comfortable. Keep her laughing if you can, but this is not a requirement.

13. Hold her hand.
Best while she is laughing, but it can work during a pause. Reach across the table for her hand and hold it. Depending on you this may feel a little or a lot awkward... Good! Eat it (the awkwardness, not her hand.)
This shows you are not afraid to look silly and you literally and figuratively go after what you want, and what you want is, her.
Don't death grip it, but when she looks at you quizzically say
"This is so high-school" look into her eyes and keep holding her hand. After she starts holding you back, you can let go and take it again as you want.

14. Kiss:
And if the meet is going really well, laughter, mutual hand holding, etc, you can try this move, though it is a little advanced. It needs to be attempted at least once. Tug on her hand and gently but firmly pull her towards you, while looking her in the eye. If you do this right she will instinctively lean forward and kiss you. Or not, either way she will gain respect for you because you went for it.

15. Bouncing
If things are going well, time will fly, and the coffee shop workers will politely start to kick you out. If things went right, neither of you will want it to end, an hour is just too short.
This is when you suggest coming back to your place for a quick drink, you have "that thing" to do early in the morning. If she says no she wants to go somewhere else, relax, it's a test, she's not leaving and will probably end up back at your place eventually so don't sweat it.
Women see investment differently, we will risk time for a girl we like and if it doesn't pan out, okay. Women on the other hand are less tolerant of risk, she wants more of a return on her investment of time, so the longer she hangs out with you the more likely things will escalate. 
Unless she wants to turn you into a boy-friend, you shouldn't worry about being friend-zoned because you are spiking attraction, right?

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