TRM Tinder Game Part 1.

TRM Tinder Game Part 1.

1. Take a good picture(s). Your pics not only work to attract her but also to set the tone for your interactions. They also tell her whether to put you in the boy-friend or hook up category. Play to your strengths. If you are a fashionable dude, take a good night-out pic. If you are in shape show that off. Whatever you usually use to attract girls put that in the picture.
I've heard you can't use one pic. I have.
I've heard you should not have your shirt off. I do.
I've heard you have to have a bio. I never put one in.

The idea behind giving as little info as possible aside from a hot pic, is it gives her less of a reason to swipe left.

2. Set the distance at what is convenient for you, same with the age.
And after that swipe 'yes' on everyone.
Because Tinder is a hook up app, girls go on there when they want to hook-up or need attention and that is 'the window'. If you judge every picture you are wasting valuable time. 
Yes, there will be girls you would never respond to. Don't feel bad there will be girls that will never respond to you. We are all someone, someone else would never respond to.
The other reason for speed, is you have to respond quickly, because you can be sure there are 10 other guys responding right away, (and that is a conservative estimate. Don't believe me, ask a hot girl to let you see her Tinder. At least a 100 guys guaranteed.)

3. So you have matched with a girl that looks good, now what?
Matching is only the first step. Now you have to not only open but do it in such a way that she actually responds. Unless she opens you in which case she's interested.
Read her profile to get a sense of her as a person. If she says not here for hook ups, you can assume she's here for hook ups. Everyone is here for hook ups.

4. If she wants to talk to you, it doesn't matter how you open. But how do you make it so she wants to answer even if she is on the fence? Commonalities are good. I like to use unfinished lyrics. E.g "Just a small town girl..." If she's cool she'll respond "living in a lonely world!". That's "Journey" young people, but you can come up with your own version.
It works because it's a disguised test. And everyone likes passing tests, but no one likes being tested.

5. So you got her to reply or even better she opened you. You're good right?
Nah, now it’s a race against time to get her number and set up a meet. Why? Thank social media, everyone has short attention spans, and if you take your time setting up a meet, she'll just meet that 'other guy' that did it properly. But asking outright would feel rushed.

Solution: Question game. Explain you both get three questions where you have to answer truthfully. The rules are the questions have to be 'outrageous' no duplicating questions, they have to be answered truthfully and she has to go first. She'll say "no you go first" and you do.
Be probing, be deep, keep it pleasant. At the end of it she will feel she has a sense of you and be invested.
Now ask her number she should give it to you, if she doesn't she is a time waster.
Text the number with your name and "save this".
Congratulations, the next step is...

7. Set up a meet. I like to ask her to the nearest coffee shop to my place. And set the time for an hour before the shop closes.

Reasons being
1. It's close to where I live in case I pull her to my place.
2. It's convenient if she flakes.
3. I ask her to come an hour before the place closes: because if the meet sucks, I can leave.
4. Or if it goes well, she won't want to leave, (this is another good reason to set it up near where you live.) at which point you suggest coming back to your place for a drink.

In part two I break down what I do on the actual date.

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