Discipline = Higher Value Or The Only Thing You Can Control Is You

Discipline = Higher Value or The Only Thing You Can Control Is You

Short Answer
Women sleep with men that get things done, discipline is needed to get things done. So you need discipline to sleep with women.

Hello Illuminati, it's been a weird and interesting weekend, found and read Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko, tried a new church, which was Awesome! And I am reading 'The Daily Stoic' by Ryan Holiday all while training my ass off at BJJ.
My point is self-control, discipline and self-discipline became a big deal in my life all at once! And from every angle! And I will admit, I forgot, I thought I could apply just enough discipline to get by in some areas and be lax in others. (Alcohol) But I have found it does not work that way, if you don't take a stand, if you try to negotiate with discipline, discipline will leave you.
And without discipline not only will you not value you, no one else will either. Without discipline we give up. Stoicism teaches us the only thing we truly own and control is our minds and we do that through the choices we make, that is all discipline is.
The beauty of it is we can apply this to whatever we want in our lives. If I want to be more beast to attract more girls. I discipline myself to lift, to drink protein, to sleep well, to wake early and go to the gym. Those are all choices and they might not be the funnest in the moment but they lead to my goal of being beast to attract more girls.
The crazy thing is at the end of it all Discipline is Fun, you just have to apply it to the thing you love more than not having discipline.