Watch 'Younger' on TVLand Or Watch Out For The Rift

Watch 'Younger' Or Watch Out For The Rift.

Hello Illuminati,
Now far be it from me to plug a show I'm not on or getting paid to shout out, but this show is so very ahead of it's time in understanding modern women it's fucking crazy.

'The Rift'
Put simply there is a big gap between the old school way to get girls and the new school way to get girls. And trying to get new school girls the old school way is why there is a dating communications industry in the first place.
It just doesn't work.
And unless you have a posse of young girls ( I said 'posse'!) that you hang out with, how they communicate will forever remain alien to you.
And while it is possible to bridge the gap going old school if she is already interested, it is almost impossible to bridge the gap, if you are trying to have her see things your way.

The Rift is Good
The Rift is good because it is a result of young women taking advantage of 'liberation' past their work lives and into their personal lives.

Women used to have to hide the fact that they were sexual, made mistakes, were selfish, could be crass and frankly dirty. They couldn't swear and had to appear virginal and were always allocated the role of 'sexual gate-keeper'.

No more in the new school, now women literally and figuratively take ownership of their sexuality. Men are seen as partners in communication, in relationships and in sex, whether it be casual, longterm or used as self-expression. (Read into that, what you will.)

Plainly put, the responsibilities and expectations in wooing and dating are more equal now.

Both sides have less of a place to hide. Women don't need you to be a prince anymore, but don't expect women to accept that you are the 'silent' type.

It is a 'brave new world', that the world frankly wants to hide from you. Which is why this show is a godsend to guys, a lot of us, don't know what we don't know.

I'm a 35 year old dude, if you think I know everything there is to know about getting girls, you have another thing coming, which is why I learn from all sources and share it with you. But run fast in the other direction if any dude says they do know everything about getting girls.