Fear Or Work Your #$%^ Out Before You Meet Her

FEAR Or Work Your Ish Out Before You Meet Her.
Batman once said about fighting, "there will always be someone bigger, faster, stronger than you, there is always someone out there that can beat you."
Just like there is always a woman out there that can make you tongue-tied, shy and have you acting like a little kid in front of a celebrity. I met three in one night yesterday and I learnt a lot.
They all had significant others that were there, but the truth is that was just a detail, I could have number closed and kept going from there. The Truth is I wasn't ready to put in the work to pull myself together, go after them and get them.
Here was the main example, I was teaching and it was a chill night we had spent about an hour in a set, (because we train staying in set) my student got a good result, the girl I was going after's girl-friend was there, whatever.
I announced to the fellas, I wanted big boobs or a tiny girl, girls with big boobs appeared but they were big-boneded and I wasn't drunk enough to do that. And then I saw her, a tiny girl, she was beautiful, I saw her from across the room she saw me. I opened her, was witty, and at the point were I could have pushed the interaction, I choked, I froze, it was bad and it was obvious to her, to me, and to my students, it was bad! Why did I choke? She was so beautiful, I actually felt kind of dirty. Like I didn't deserve her. I know, 'Me'!
"I said do you need to find your friends". And disappointed she walked away.
Here's the point. Face your fears before you actually meet the girl. I kicked myself then and I am kicking myself now. What's the point of that?
Let me answer this way, I'll never choke when I see a tiny girl again, no matter how beautiful she is. Why? I faced that fear I failed, but I analyzed why, found the answer and either stripped it out of myself or at least won't be blindsided by it.