The Future Of Dating or Adapt & Survive

The Future Of What It Means To Be A Man
As we make more advances in technology and do more and more over the internet and over social media. We forget how to do more and more in real life. (E.g when was the last time you wrote a letter?)
And while this is mostly a good thing, it is also dangerous. Virtual friendship (FaceBook) is not friendship. There is no substitute for real world relationships, which is why so many young people feel isolated and depressed but are smiling in their social media accounts.
Now when it comes to dating, it used to be that guys had to compete against all the other guys in the town. Now due to the advent of internet dating, men are competing against every single eligible guy in the world.
Women chose, and since face to face time is a huge factor in dating, they are using limited information to choose. Or worse they are dating or having virtual relationships with a man's digital avatar.
The problem of course is this is not a real relationship, and often this fantasy relationship is ruined by meeting, if she even wants to meet you at all. 
And worst of all men and women are forgetting how to meet, in real life. When I was a kid, few relationships started on the web, now a huge amount do. In a few more years, most relationships may start on the web.
But the problem with this is, what will people do when they meet?
This is why learning dating communications now, is so paramount, there is a lot of hype and misinformation out there, find a good source, a good teacher and learn the skills that all men are going to need but may not have.
Face to face dating is the ocean, and guys with no game will drown, but we are the sharks.