Women Are Savage Or How I Got Good At Dark Game

Women Are Savage Or How I got Good At Dark Game
Hello Illuminati, there is no group on earth more aggressive than a college male. As a result of that there are few groups of women more psychologically aggressive then college girls.
College girls as a group the "cool" ones? Are fucking crazy.
And they will test you and fuck with your head and psychologically manipulate you and call it fair. They will start fights, turn friends against each other and embarrass you if you let them.
They are not a good group of people. And there are so many more beautiful and well balanced women out there including in college.
I'm talking about the ones that live at bars those ones are the ones you should worry about. 
So my first recommendation if you are being tested is to walk away if you are disrespected. 
I have a love hate relationship with dark game. It's sexual and fun, and draws women in, but it contains the seeds of its own destruction.
If you get a girl to cheat with you, she's going to cheat on you, you're not special.
If she is mean to you playfully, she going to be mean to you malevolently.
If she's playfully abusive now, she's going to be truly abusive later.
She will tell you who she is, the trick is to listen. These women draw their power from guys ignoring their bad personalities because they are attractive. If you walk away from them they lose all their power, "but Truth isn't this the point of Game?"
No, voice in my head it isn't. It's smoking, it's an addictive behavior that is hard to get out off, that ruins your mental health.
So what's the point of dark game? Dark Game is like good BDSM it's done between consenting adults. If you started BDSMing someone without their permission that is assault.
Just ask, if she says yes, explore whatever darkness you want, together. Often you'll be shocked that she's into what you're into.
Some people say asking is beta, and some girls say they don't want to be asked, like before they are kissed for example.
That's stupid, an asked for kiss feels just as good as a kiss that isn't asked for, only it gives her or him a choice.
I will leave you with this. Whatever you're into, that sweet girl you're picturing right now, is probably into worse. You just have to be cool, about accessing it, and she will blow your mind.