Want Some? Get Some! Or Same Night

Want Some, Get Some Or Same Night
Hello Illuminati, so let's say you have some 'Game' and you have a good wing. What now? How do you go from just going out, to getting some?
I can only speak for myself, and since most times I am out, I am teaching, you'll learn what a class is like.
We meet at 8.30pm and warm up, we tell stories, discuss theories, make each other laugh, anything to short circuit the left brain (read my blog post 'F&^% your logic' to find out why).
What we are doing is forming a relationship even though it is done over hours it's a relationship regardless. More on why later.
Then we play a game maybe 'Hi' first to 10, something about turning 'opening' into a game, causes students to relax, and dissipates approach anxiety.
Once that is done we enter a venue. We smile, we joke, we get drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and then we open sets, we dance, we joke, we flirt, all in a fun low pressure vibe, that we have been building all night.
Women see or feel this vibe and either directly open us, or are super susceptible to being opened. A small draw back is that it draws in dudes too, on this topic if the guy is cool talk to him, for a bit, not cool, brush him off, cool but not cool, I give him a card.
What night in the bootcamp it is, will dictate how often we open sets or how long we stay in sets. First night is about learning to open sets, the 2nd night is about learning to stay in set. Usually, some time in the night but not always I will be opened or I will open an 8 or 9 and at some point it will be "on" meaning she wants to have sex that night. (I say usually because, though I actively open and game, I am not actively looking to get some, if I got some every time I taught, I wouldn't feel very professional.)
I can tell this when she responds to my opener, like "finally, you made it over here". This is off of her observing me and my boys, so social proof. I peacock, I'm aloof, and I'm running around the venue attracting everyone and sharing fun.
Then I have to game her and teach, which is actually really fun for me, and good for the students because they get to see what a girl that is DTF looks like and can ask her questions about how she feels about what I am doing in real time, the girls I pick are super cool and are always happy to help. I guess when you are open and honest with women, good things happen... nah that's just crazy! lol. (If I ever do videos I will do them in this style.)
So in conclusion, getting some or a same night lay, for me is about, the right wing or wings, the right venue and having fun with your boys, and sharing that fun with the venue.
You know how you walk in a club and go, "oh there are the hot girls" ? Make it so when girls walk in a club, they go "oh there are the fun guys" leave being "cool and tough, and cocky funny to everyone else. Also don't run around from set to set, sure it's fun, but you're not going to get some that way, any relationship even one that lasts a night, requires time.

Wow that was a long one, hope you enjoyed it I have a blast writing these things. Hit the like button and if any of this inspires you, please share it.

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