Hello Illuminati,
Been sober and watching this show on T.V Land 'Younger', and it is amazing and the combination of both with some testing has led me to something I have always suspected.

The problem is we make it difficult, we come up with rules, and theories and ideas and misinformation and limiting beliefs and bad advice, there is a whole industry that wants you to learn the truth but not really so you can pay for it. Society i.e men and women have a stake in their people getting girls and succeeding and being free, but other people not. It's a goddamn mess.
But at the end of the day getting a girl is a lot like picking a fight, if you really want to do it, you can make it happen.

E.g was teaching last night, sober, so I held court at a table, (I could do that because I was actually quick enough and interested enough to game a whole table.) In the process I got a lot of ioi's, which I told myself were 'false flags', just tests, and that those girls were not really serious.
The girl that was most into it, I ignored because other girls were into it too.
I didn't pull the trigger on anyone and so the attraction dissipated. Student talked to a few girls then we got bored and wanted to leave, on the way out saw the girl that was into it. Gave her a hug and next thing I know we and my student and a friend of hers, (gymnast) are walking around the hotel. We have mad chemistry. I go in for the kiss she refuses, younger me would 'shut down' older me is wiser.
We exchange numbers, I text to see if she got home safe, then I text again and again, finally I say f' it and call. She ignores but then texts back. Apparently there is a thing with women now, where they want you to call to prove you are real. (Is that a thing? Who fucking knows?)
B.S I know, but it's b.s that got me in contact with her.
Which brings me to my point, when you are trying to pick a fight, you don't care about what anyone thinks, you don't care if you are being cool or not, all you care about is getting into that fight. You make the bold fearless move.
And though you still might not get that fight, no one, not you, not them, not the people watching are in any doubt that you want to fight.
Getting girls is like proving you want to fight. Um you know what I mean.

Fellas, women are just people, smart, dumb, make mistakes, sometimes gross, just like you, but different.