GOALS! Or If You Don't Know Where You Are Going How Will You Know When You Get There
Hello Illuminati,
So there was this guy that was obsessed with finding a magic pebble, he'd know he'd found it because the pebble is always warm to the touch.
He traced it to a river side with thousands of pebbles. His plan was to throw all the pebbles that were not the magic pebble into the river to eliminate them so he wouldn't go through them over and over.
Problem was he got so used to throwing pebbles into the river that when he found the warm magic pebble, he knew what it was but unthinkingly threw the pebble into the river anyway.
Point is we all want to be happy, fulfilled make our families proud, get whatever woman we want, but we have very vague plans. We might go out more, or go on tinder to find a girl. Just like our hero had a half baked plan to throw pebbles.
We need to be better, we need to be more efficient we need, goals, lists of goals.
The process of turning huge goals into small manageable goals allows us as humans to do amazing things. can you imagine going into space without breaking that down into goals?

In order to better help my students I have them write up 2 lists. Life goals and, relationship goals of 10. The beauty of this is how intertwined these two lists are and having 10 means you have to go past the obvious like,I want to be rich and successful, or I want her to be hot and smart respectively.
Also written goals, while not magic work with our unique physiology to make us more likely to achieve what we set out to do. As humans we have a wealth of mental, physical and emotional resources that we are mostly not aware of, lists, especially step by manageable step lists help to focus these resources.

I remember making a Bootcamp list that involved, coaching him to getting his first kiss, bringing a girl back and getting a lay.
The first two happened all because we wrote it down. Not to mention in that same list, I for fun wrote I would get a lay, and the next day it happened. Don't sleep on this.

Cheers and Happy New Year!