How To Evaluate Yourself Or Know Thyself

How To Evaluate Yourself Or Know Thyself
Hello Illuminati, 
I had to take a break to fight my arch-nemesis "the holidays". This year it teamed up with "depression" and "alcohol", but they did not win, and they never will. I know, not funny, but that's the point. Loneliness, alcoholism and depression IS not funny, and the solution is NOT be a MAN! It's thinking like that, that causes these things in the first place.
Unpleasant emotions (anger, sadness) exist because there is a problem that needs to be corrected, not ignored or self-medicated (alcohol, xanax, drugs, street and prescription) into oblivion.
I am lucky because I have, almost died, and in addition I have, a deep understanding of the mechanics of these feelings, and just know everything is going to be okay.
For my fellow Illuminati that may be going through similar, just know you are the BEST version of human that has ever existed on earth, evolutionarily speaking and if Trump can be president there really isn't anything you can't do. Take that how you will.

How To Evaluate Yourself:
I often talk about how as part of my process to teach "game" (dating communications) I observe and study my students. I talk about how I adapt the knowledge to you, as opposed to adapting you to the knowledge. I do this because I realize every student is different, with different, goals, likes and personalities.
I will admit when I first started out, I did what most teachers do, I tried to create a clone of myself. Which was fun but limited my students potential to how good I was. Now I can teach students to get as good as or even exceed me in certain areas.
There are certain subsets of women that will never like me but will love some of my students. This is a fact of life, everyone is 'Brad Pitt' to someone, therefore everyone is 'Brad Pitt' to a certain subset of women, the key is to be 'Brad Pitt' to as large a subset of women as possible, so you have more choice. This is where training comes in.
And anyone that tells you, you don't need training, or to be yourself, or the new favorite, use "natural game" has a stake in you not succeeding. 
And there are so many parties that have a stake in this, in fact, society as a whole has a HUGE stake in you not having sexual choice, depending on where you are in the hierarchy they may want you to have some, but not too much. And here is why....

**I know I have left the topic but this is too important**

Society cannot sustain it. Or put another way you would become too hard to control.

The Truth is in any given human society only 10% of males get to sleep with 90% of the available females and that number self-regulates, and by that I mean, all of society including you and me, consciously or unconsciously work to make these figures true. E.g how many times have you talked yourself out of approaching a hot girl?

Anyway back to Self Evaluation

1. What are your goals for the woman or women in your life?
2. What are your life goals?
3. How close are you to your goals now?
4. What was your last relationship like?
5. How do you approach a woman you are attracted to?
6. What is your natural attitude? Optimist? Pessimist? Why?
7. If you make your own life, what beliefs do you hold that are limiting you?
8. Are you a 'comfort builder' or an 'attractor'?
9. Are there things you need to unlearn?
10. Are you a physically and mentally, healthy guy?

Now I stopped at 10, but I tried to cover the most important things, I look for.
Now the most important things about:
1. Is that you have goals and write them down and think them through.

2. Same as one.

3. Being honest with yourself.

4. This helps to establish your pattern, whether you are getting closer to your goals or further away.

5. This forces you to think, really think about what it is you need to work on. And if you are perfect at this, then, Brad Pitt whatchadoin' reading my blog?

6. This helps you see where you may have been letting opportunities go, there is no right answ... I'm lying there is a right answer, of course there is it's 'optimist' and deep thinking has to be done about why not, if not.

7. This is related to 6, if you don't think you can ever get the 'hot girl', that's fine hot is relative, but if you don't ever think you can get 'your' 'hot girl', someone somewhere must have told you that, and you must have gone ahead and believed them. This can be about a whole host of things, not just 'hot girls' and we all have them, the key is to find them and root them out. Opera got so good at it, she's worth a billion.
This is your life and you are responsible and control EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of it, I don't mean the horrible stuff, Opera was poor, hurt in unimaginable ways, is black and a woman, she had EVERY excuse not to take control of her life, but she did. 

8. Are you better at attracting people (women) or making them (women) feel comfortable? Learn the characteristics of the one you are not.

9. E.g Spree opening, going from set to set opening, no plan, not staying and not building comfort it is, SO NEEDY! The only excuse for this is learning to 'open' and even then. The game is played in 'comfort' people.
Another e.g NOT LISTENING! Women will tell you everything you need to know to be with them, if you will only listen. I'm guilty of this too. (The difficulty goes up with skill)

10. Again you know in your heart if this is true. Recently I thought I was fine after my break up, I was getting girls doing me. But then I realized I was blacking out, a little too much. (Not that there is an acceptable amount of blacking out.) I wasn't in control of my drinking, which is why I have stopped for the foreseeable future.

If this inspires you, all I ask is you share it with others.

Cheers! And Happy New Year!!!