Holiday Game

Make The Holidays Happy
Hello Illuminati,
Xmas come but once a year,
now it's here! Now it's Here!
And it is a tie to be surrounded by love ones and reflect on the last year and yada, yada, yada.
But If you are not so lucky, you have come to the right place, because let's face it, if you are single the holidays can be downright depressing.
But it does not have to be, because as much as it sucks you being alone on the holidays, women's lib has made it so there are also a ton of single women alone on the holidays, though because women are relationship driven (with other women) and it is harder for them to find themselves alone, it happens.
So how do we meet them?

Tinder: I don't usually advocate using 'media' to get girls but the fact of the matter a lot of your competition will have travelled or be busy, giving you a chance to cut through the noise.

Same goes for Coffee shops, bars and even clubs.

There are lonely women out there with no men and no family who want to meet you. So go meet them and spread some good cheer.