You Are Not a Delicate Snowflake or Get Over Yourself

You Are Not A Delicate Snowflake or Get Over Yourself.

"Wait what? I have to work all week, workout, clean and groom myself, dress nice, not smell, then I have to walk up risk rejection, get rejected, a bunch, pull myself back up, and then get shit-tested a LOT, pass those, just to get to the point we go out, attract her and build comfort for 7+ hours, pay for everything, have a car, have a place, finally get her back there and just when I make a move and feel like I will finally get what I want she says, LETS JUST BE FRIENDS!!!

We all feel like that sometimes. And it can be very disheartening, it can even make you want to give up except for one thing. You're a man.
You're supposed to be the strong one, not in the physical sense but in the sense you try even when you know you might fail. That's called bravery, it's simple but not easy. Why do women do this? 
Picture yourself as a child, do you want your dad to be brave or someone that gives up the moment things are hard? I hope you picked brave. Well that's why; she's evolutionarily built to think about that potential kid and give him the best father she can.
That's why you have to work, workout, groom, dress nice, not smell, risk rejection, get rejected, shrug it off like it doesn't hurt, (even though it always will) , THEN get shit-tested when you think everything is going well, Whoah! Curveball! Why you have to wait, build attraction, comfort and deal with being ljbf'd. 
But here's the thing dealing with all this is not making you weaker. So smile to yourself, when you're rejected and tested. It's a chance to keep getting better and better.

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