What Advanced Game Feels Like Or Seeing The Matrix

What Advanced Game Feels Like Or Seeing The Matrix

Hey Illuminati, today I will be doing a little something for those guys that are not beginner's anymore, for those moderate to advanced players and those beginners that are aspiring to get better, I am going to talk about what I call the Matrix.
The Matrix is when you are completely in flow with yourself and your interactions with people, men, women, society as a whole, especially women.
Now we have all had times when we met a girl and could not say the wrong thing, we just couldn't miss. Now imagine that moment but ongoing, to the point it's just life.
Bros it feels like Heaven all the time, it's indescribable and better than any drug. It feels like mastery. And here is a top 10 list of what it feels like and how to get there.

10. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: (Use google.) At the top is self-actualization, that means, money, job, love, friends, inner game outer game have reached a height. You can always go higher, but when you feel good enough in health, wealth and relationships, you are approaching actualization.
For me it is when Acting, Martial Arts and Teaching Game are up. For you it is doing those things that YOU love.

9. Support:, with the support of your close group, your tribe, you have the confidence to take risks, which is why you have the confidence to demand more form life, (the Matrix) and more often than not, fortune favors the bold. This is where 5 minutes or less, make-outs happen, where quadruple kisses happen, where lays happen within minutes of meeting.

8. Bounce Back: This is where you don't even see getting blown out as a bad thing, you just see it as an inevitable part of getting the girl later, plus you have so many other girls to talk to, you honestly don't care.

7. Rep: My neighbors in acting school actually asked a friend I'd just met "Do you know Truth?, Has he fucked you yet?" She told this to me and her friend, her friend that she just caught blowing me, when she stepped out for a smoke, who I had also just met. I of course replied "That's messed up!" Believe it or not the rep helps, women want what other women want. If you get powerful, enough haters will try to take you down. Just be strong and keep it positive.

6. Confidence: When you start to see the Matrix half the people will believe you and half the people will doubt you and constantly probe you for weakness. The only thing that will get you through this is your own self-belief and confidence. And where does that come from? The 6-pack you have because you're willing to run 6 miles at the crack of dawn. The knowledge you have from reading 'The Game' back and forth, forth and back over 5x including highlighting and taking notes. Knowing you have been through the dark places of game and come out stronger as a result. This is what gives me confidence, find yours.

5. Balls: The balls to make a move, good or bad, the ability to make a bold decision even if it might fail. Is what keeps the Matrix going. You can't be afraid of breaking a streak, you can't be afraid of failing, you can't be afraid of losing any particular girl. Fear of losing the Matrix is what makes you lose the Matrix. When I was crazy and younger, I had a "secretary" she was beautiful and mine, my boy asked to date her, she was mad at me so I said yes. Which made her even more mad, they went out I suspect stuff happened but I never asked, she came back to me. He said 'Hey I'm going to date her' (did I mention she was fine?) and I said "no she's mine"
He tried to ask her out anyway and I assume she asked him what I said.
Now, this episode is what it is, but my point is if at any point I showed fear of losing her I would have been owned and lost my secretary and my boy. My having balls, kept us together, each in our own lane. he did get me back though, but that is another story.

4. Work: Yea, yea, I know you don't want to hear that, but anything worth attaining takes a LOT of work. Working out, studying, opening, testing, going out, making mistakes, learning from them, finding mentors, learning, learning constantly learning. Getting your Heart broken, breaking other people's hearts. Gaining friends, losing friends, betraying, getting betrayed. Reading people, managing people, straight up manipulating people. It is a lot but this is what you have to be willing to do, to become elite. 
Now if you want to teach like a lot of you guys talk about doing, imagine that last paragraph x10. Do you have what it takes?

3. Find yourself: You can't get good at any art unless you know yourself and knowing yourself is simple but not easy, knowing yourself is being willing to suffer and learn from it.

2. Power Corrupts: To live in the Matrix, to become a master you have to be willing and ready to check yourself. Because lets face it power especially sexual power, goes directly to one place, your head. So you have to be in tune with your star-player and constantly ask if what you are doing is really “you”. If it is, by all means go for it, but if it isn't, say it's a shade too dark, you have to be able to pull back apologize and start over. This part I am sad to admit I had a problem with when I was younger. The only way to deal with a mistake like a man is to admit it, own it, apologize, and move on.

1. Invite people into your Matrix or the Matrix is for sharing.
There is no point going through life with amazingness happening and not having anyone else to share it with. An this goes for long term and short.
Short term I go to a bar or club and start the party for everyone else without wanting anything in return. Why? Because I can. I mean will all eyes be on me? Yea, but that is secondary.
Long term, you want to have wings, friends, a posse, long term relationships, that can share in your Matrix, because if there is a Matrix and you are the only one there to see it, is it still a Matrix?