How To Game By Yourself Or You Walk Alone, You Walk Alone

How to Game by yourself Or You Walk Alone, You Walk Alone

Having a trained wing is ideal when going out, but sometimes we don't have that luxury, having an untrained wing is the next best thing. But the problem with untrained wings is they don't get it.
They can't control their emotional states so they are prone to bailing, and when they do come out, they cock-block knowingly or "unknowingly" because on an evolutionary level they don't want you to succeed more than they do. This is also why the friends of the girl you are talking to cock-block. Your "friends" want you to be happy and succeed, but never more than they do.
So this leaves going out by yourself. Is it daunting? Sure, it absolutely is, but what is your goal? Whatever your goal is, you can't achieve it by staying at home.
It's like girls or guys that say "I have a work-out buddy" I always laugh because what happens when that buddy, bails? Do you go ahead and get fat? Point being yes, having a wing is good, but you will never achieve mastery if you can't go practice or train yourself, this is the same for everything in life including dating communications. (Game)

Okay, I have to go out and game alone, I want to, I am willing to, where do I start?

1. Logistics, where, when, transportation, likely hood of meeting your kind of people.
You have to know where you are going, and if the women that will be there are responsive to you.
You have to know how to get there and how you will return and if you bring someone home how you will get her back. This is where you may decide on an Uber as opposed to driving because you might be drinking.

2. Pre-gaming:
This is where you put yourself into state, controlling your own mood so to speak, you might use alcohol or even better do this sober, watch inspiring videos, read a great blog, *Ahem*, listen to music, work out, call a friend. Have a ‘get ready’ ritual, whatever it is you need to do to put yourself in a self-entertained, sociable, happy, non-needy frame of mind.
*Note you can't fake being non-needy, you have to literally be happy with going out being around people, listening to music, and chilling out. You can want, but you can't be needy, unless you want to end up in a corner of the bar by yourself. With all the other AFCs. (Average Frustrated Chumps)

3. Be polite and friendly with the staff: especially when you are alone. 
It's a good way to maintain state and be talkative, but it has an even more practical application, you have no one with you and if you need help, they are more likely to help you if they know you and think you are cool. Especially the doormen and security.
Plus if people see that you are chummy with the staff they assume you are a somebody, which you are.

4. Be Observant:
I don't mean prowl the club like a shark, I mean be happy where you are, but take the time to observe body language, relationships, who likes who, who doesn't. The more intel you have the better you will be when you open.
*Note: While there is a lot to be said for opening as soon as you walk in, I like to be a little more picky of my sets, as this sets me up for success. 
I can't tell you how many times I've opened a set with 'hi' to a one set, looked over at her supposed friend and said, "You are cool, but I don't trust her." And instantly she is attracted and feels comfortable with me, not knowing I just observed how much her body language betrayed she does not trust the other girl. Now we have a secret. Or the time I walked up on a girl in the club, after watching her look longingly at a hot girl and blew her mind by asking, "Do your friends know you like girls?" I couldn't get rid of her after that, I isolated her outside to her car and her friends tried to block, so I got the number and f-closed the next day. All from taking a second to observe before charging in.

5. Be friendly: Talk to everyone, guys, girls, smart, not so smart, be democratic. You want to be seen as a "Man of the People" essentially you don't want people to even realize that you are alone. And even if they do ask where your friends are, say "everywhere" and when they see you talking to everyone they will realize you are right.

6. Be prepared to open the whole group.( The whole Bar or Club if you need to)
When you are by yourself, there is no one to help you with obstacles and waiting till she is alone is doable, but that is like waiting for conditions to be perfect, (they never are) so be confident enough to walk up to a group and open them yourself. Luckily for you this is a huge DHV (Demonstration of higher value) in and of itself. If they like you they will let you isolate with the woman you want to talk to.

7. You are being graded on how cool and confident you are…with yourself. I should know, most of my going out experiences have been solo. Your ability to self entertain, and keep a positive attitude is what will see you through. You really just have to learn to enjoy the process, the music, being around people, vibbing out, having self-entertaining conversations with people, and setting small goals for yourself through out the night. Like opening particular girls, getting a dance to particular songs and asking people questions about whatever pops into your head that you are honestly curious about.

8. Safety:
A big reason people go out in groups is safety. So I advise for your own sense of wellbeing that you work out regularly ( this also attracts people to you). And start taking a martial art, this will make you feel safe and confident even when you are completely alone.
A lot of guys have tried to intimidate me, because I'm by myself, till I off-handly mention I teach martial arts, then it’s all “let me buy you a drink” More often than not my confrontations end with a look, that has the instigator back down, that said, I almost never resort to violence except in self-defense. If need be, I'll back down, I don't care about pride, all I care about is safety…mine…mostly.

*Run AWAY from fights. Unless it’s in defense of others it is literally never worth it. I would rather be called a “Coward”. The “Brave” go to jail and have their night/lives ruined, and there are no girls in jail.

9. Advantages: You are responsible for you, you can go anywhere and don't have to worry about anyone else. 
-It is a DHV to be able to go out on your own and have a good time. 
-With less time spent entertaining friends you can focus on Gaming and so get much better results. Most of my lays have happened on my own, with complete strangers.

10. Seeing the Matrix If you Game by yourself in a focused way, you will begin to see the Matrix and develop a natural ruthlessness, that will make you amazing at picking up strangers, because everyone you meet is a stranger. This is one of the fastest ways to get good, because let's face it needing other people with you is a crutch, a fun crutch, that is good for your mental health but a crutch all the same.