Dance Game: Or Step Up To Save The Last Dance Before You Got Served

Dance Game: Or Step Up To Save The Last Dance Before You Got Served
Hello Illuminati, we have avoided the Elephant in the room for as long as we can, but now it is time to face it head on. The Dance Floor and Dancing In General.
What is dancing? Jk, a child could tell you that. Why is it so important to dating communication?
1. It is the only socially acceptable way you and a complete stranger can, (and this is a technical term), "get all up on each other" and if you are in a club or bar with a dance floor it is often the only path to a kiss and or same night lay.
2. She is using your dancing to judge your ability to "move it, move it". Or whether you like it or not sex and rhythm are linked in a woman's mind. Your comfort with yourself, your body language, fitness and dominance are also being judged. Yay!!!
Ok, so you get all that, you are ready to dance, but she can blow you out at any time and everyone will see and lower your value in the eyes of everyone. Right?
False! Yes, everyone can see and it feels super high risk, but it is just set up that way. It really isn't.
Think about it, she is dancing to get your attention, whether she knows it or not, without you watching, all that gyrating is pointless. Yea, they'll say they're dancing to have fun with their friends, but that is bullshit, that's like a rapper buying a diamond chain and saying he bought it because he likes shiny, shiny; no, he did it to signal to chicks he's wealthy. 
But I digress. She wants you to ask her to dance, and wants to decide whether to reject you or not, does getting rejected suck, yes but the alternative, not getting girls, sucks even more.
Dancing is a numbers game, like everything else, but here is what you can do to improve your odds.
-Dance with your boys or dance by yourself.
1. It's fun and fun draws attention, especially since women are used to being the only source of fun on the dance floor.
2. It shows girls you can actually dance. Which is a huge factor.
3. It shows you don't actually need girls to have a good time. Which paradoxically attracts girls.
Ok you have warmed up dancing with your boys, it is now time to dance with girls, but you are still nervous. Turn it into a game.
I call this game "Shut Down" and the rules are simple. 
You ask a girl to dance or start dancing with her, or take her hand to dance.
1. She says yes or starts dancing with you. 1 point.
2. She says no. 2 points
3. First to 10 points wins.
What this does is short circuits your fear of rejection and instead rewards you for it. Making you relaxed when asking a girl to dance, which girls can read, which results in them saying 'yes' more.
Plus you genuinely don't care when she says 'no', in fact you genuinely smile which is a HUGE Demonstration of Higher Value.
Think about it, the first thing a girl does when she says 'no' is to watch your face intently. She is looking to see how much she has destroyed you, which reaffirms her feminine power over you and reassures her, that she is indeed better than you, but it is a double edged sword because as much as she is boosted when you are hurt, showing her you are unfazed raises all the doubts in her mind about her own worth. It goes from her being mean, to her being sobered that maybe she's not as amazing as she thinks she is or maybe your value is so much higher than hers she should rethink how she treats you.
Also going from girl to girl seamlessly with a smile on your face is a huge momentum builder, you're being watched, and you meet all the girls you were interested in very quickly and find out in a hurry if they are cool or not. Often times the hotter the girl the more likely she is to say yes.
Other notes on dance game. 
-Having a wing helps because women travel in groups, no one likes to be left out. If you don't have a wing, recruit a guy on the dance floor with no game, he'll be thankful.
-Approach, whether from the front or the back, with confidence and a smile. From behind she can't see you so she is responding to your energy. (Plus let's face it she saw you)
-Letting her see your face or dancing next to her for a second can also work, often times she'll start dancing with you on her own.
-Any time you are bumped into by a girl on the dance floor consider it an invitation, it is not always, but humans don't go near, and definitely don't touch (bump into) people that repel them.
-Not asking a girl to dance that is dancing next to you waiting to be opened is a demonstration of lower value.
-Dance with everyone, often it takes dancing with less attractive girls and having fun, to show the hot girls you are a good guy accepting of all people.
-Dancing is the fastest way for all the girls in the club to see you.

Part 2: Actual Dance Game
So you are dancing with her Now What! 
1. Make hip to hip or hip to butt contact. You know how much you enjoy that feeling? She does too.
2. What if you pop a boner? I should hope you do! Lol, but yea girls are cool with that, she likes that she turns you on, she just doesn't want to be made to feel dirty about it, so unless your game is advanced. If she says nothing, you say nothing.
3. Hands! If you are behind, (the sweet spot) hands are one on her hip, the other on her belly right below the boobs. Or any combination of the stated, or holding her hand or hands. Depending on how she is feeling she might just put your hands directly on her boobs.
The whole time be active I mean, be swaying or two stepping bonus points if you are on beat.
4. Hands! 2 If you are in front, well then your hands go on her butt, if she doesn't like it she will raise your hands herself, but the opposite will not occur, in that she probably won't put your hands on her butt so you have to start there, be matter of fact. NOTE: Women enjoy having their butts felt up, they just don't want to be made to feel dirty about it. So alternate between butt and lower back.
5. Constantly move her, it is your job to lead, so move her around the dance floor, alternate being behind her and being in front of her, break the sexual tension by disengaging and you both dancing solo for a second and then engaging again. It shows her you can lead and keeps her from getting bored.
6. Talk: Talk to her, duh! the music is loud so get in each other's space, and get her name, tell her she is an amazing dancer, if she likes your touch, kiss her on the cheek, if she stares you in the face, she wants to be kissed. Do IT!!!
7. Breaks and Isolation: After 2 or 3 songs give her a break, it shows you are not needy, it's not an Iron Man competition, plus you stopping first stops her from having to leave you.
Now don't just walk away use this as an opportunity to isolate, tell her "let's go sit for a second", or "I'm grabbing a (insert beverage) want one?" "Or wanna step outside for a sec."
If she says "yes" she wants to be alone with you, if she says no, you have not built enough comfort and you can be on to the next one. Get her name, hug her and thank her and tell her to save you another dance. Feel free to return to any of the girls you have danced with throughout the night, whether to dance or just game. Remember to give her a reason to see you again, time bridge and get that number.
Wow that was a lot I hope that helps you. Get your Grind on Fellas.