Always In Charge YOU are Or You got Moxie, Kid

You Are Always In Charge Or In Charge Always You Are
Hello Illuminati,
I can't stress the above title enough, because a lot of people think it's fru-fru new agey nonsense, but it isn't. Especially in the context of dating, here's an example.
I recently broke up with an ltr, but while we were dating I had less of a desire to go after other woman, standard pair bonding (designed by nature to give our potential offspring a stable supportive environment.) Anyway one day I decided to practice my day game. I saw a hot girl walk up from afar, and when she got close I smiled, and she gave me this look like I was crazy.
So I thought about that all day, I suppose I could have asked her but the data, would probably not have been accurate. Finally I thought about it from her perspective, and I got the answer, the reason she looked at me weird, when I smiled at her was because I was incongruent, I had already told her no.
How? Simple when you think about it. She was coming from a distance when we first laid eyes on each other. She was waiting to see where I would lead the interaction, and I looked at her, thought she was cute, but that my girl was cuter and so I didn't smile and probably flashed her a dismissive look. The look that flashed across my face was 'no', so when she walked up and I then smiled, she instantly knew it was fake.
It's the same reason why when you open a girl you don't really like, she is quick to blow you out, to girls it is literally obvious when a man likes them, it has to be, evolutionarily speaking.
So the first part of leading is knowing what the #$@^ you want. That way when you see it, you go for it, you're not stuck doing the math on whether to go for it, letting it become awkward and letting approach anxiety set it. Casanova got women to fall in love with him, because once he picked a woman (opened a set) he would die for that woman. You decide how far you want to take that, but I will say, that kind of commitment women can feel and it drives them nuts even if they know it's only going to be there for a short time.
The least seductive, most unmanly thing you can be is indecisive, no one honors those. Even picking wrong and learning from it is better than indecision.
At my boot camps I have students make two lists, 1 to 10, what they want in a woman (so they can know her when they see her) and another of their goals for the night and we make a new one each night adjusting and revising, just like the bootcamp itself. More often than not things get checked off.
It's not magic, there is a reason why, but that belongs in another post.
In conclusion, you are always being watched, and you always set the tone. So know what you want, make your list and check it twice, plan ahead and act with moxie and accordingly. Shout out to 'Moxie' it is a real American soda, that gave you, (get this, lol) spunk. I $%^& you not. 
This isn't sponsored Moxie please don't sue me :)