Seducer's Aura Or Believing in Yourself

Seducers Aura Or Believing in Yourself
Hello Illuminati, just got back from an awesome bootcamp in D.C it was Amazing. Highs, lows, cold weather, hot, deaf, bi girls, and super hot petite girls, not to mention a Romanian blast from the past.
I taught an alpha empathy, how to bond and comfort, and I taught a comfort-builder how to be assertive and go after what he wants.
I learnt there are still women that can make me freeze, but that I still approach anyway. And I redeemed myself from the last post sort of.
I saw here the next day and I approached her again, (hot petite girl) I opened her instantly, talked to her, asked her to dance and it turns out this sweet, innocent petite girl, I had built up in my mind is a bit of a player. (Every time I turned around, she was with a different guy, which is fine as I was doing the same thing, just you know..with girls ;)
I would never have known that if I didn't keep going in, and life is like that. My boy "the counsellor" approached these two beautiful asian women at the beginning of the night but they were too cool for school. So he wasn't wondering if they were a good-set during the night, because he wasn't feeling them as much.
As for me, people saying peacocking is silly are lying to you. It's a tool, to help people talk to you 75% faster. I use a cowboy hat and a girl explained to "Morty" another student of mine when he remarked about every girl wanting me because of the hat. She said "I don't want the hat, I want the man wearing the hat." Which I took to mean, it's not that I'm wearing a hat to peacock, it's she wants the kind of guy that would wear the hat to peacock.
Another part of my game I wondered, aloud about was "I don't get blown out of sets anymore" to which "Morty" replied "You get blown out of sets all the time!!!, More than the rest of us, you just don't notice and are already on to another girl by the time she has rejected you, (which makes them super angry)." Me: "But what about all the sets I open?" Morty: "If you open more sets, more sets go badly and more sets go well, you just never think about the one's that go badly."
Me: "Morty you're a genius who taught you all this stuff? Whoever that is, must be fucking brilliant."
Morty: Fuck you Truth.
So if you want personalized attention, take a bootcamp with me. Whether you are far or near, or want to train for a day or over the phone, let me know. I got you.

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