Burn Notice or Why Knowing How to Create a Wing is the Best Thing You can Learn

Burn Notice or why knowing how to Create a Wing is the best thing you can learn.
So you moved, had to get out of town or traveled for work. You are in a brand new place, no social circle, no girls what do you do?
Mass approaching? Get on Tinder or Match.com? Or do you just go out drinking every night hoping to luck into meeting people and making new friends?
All of these are doable, and may even work, and it's better than doing nothing, but I think there is a better way.
Find a Wing or even better create one. Why is this what I believe to be the number one way to improve your game outside of coaching of course?

1. We're better together, must of us aren't pick up experts and so need support. Someone to push us, help us asses the situation and plain old have fun with.

2. Teaching Game, even as a beginner makes you better at it.

3. The process of teaching and meeting girls together will bond you, in a way most guys or gals won't understand.

4. When you have a wing, meeting girls becomes a side mission, the main goal is fun.

5. You are helping improve another person's life. Which is it's own reward.

6.There are some environments where even a master would find it very difficult to pick up if alone.

The reason for this is, pick up is about conveying your true personality to women, it's not about manipulation or being an asshat, as some others have tried to portray. 
And the easiest way for women to see your personality other than you going up to them one by one, is by how you and your wing interact. If you and your wing are having fun and genuinely enjoying each others company, you become the most high value guys in the venue. 
Or look at it this way, everyone else is looking for the fun, but you guys brought it, and all the girls want it. So they're going to try to get it, to see if you will give it. So it's up to you wether you're going to let them take it.

It's not quite 10, but hopefully you get it doesn't need to be.
I teach so you learn how to teach, which some say is a bad business model. I say this knowledge is too powerful to hoard. Some think this is just about partying, it's really about helping people connect with people.

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