I must Confess...

I must confess, all the blogs this week were really just me talking to me. I wasn't working out, lifting, meditating, I was just drinking and trying to get over my ex. If I sound like a little bitch to you Sir or M'aam, you GUESSED IT!
Today I got sick of it enough to meditate, which led to me running, which led me to p.t,(physical training) and I have yoga and GJJ in an hour.
In the course of this flurry of productivity, I realized the only thing I can do about this One-itis, and that is get jacked as fuck, learn GJJ better than my ability and go on a fucking tear. (Sleep with a bunch of girls) But you know be smart enough to know when I meet a keeper.
So I guess this blog will also serve as a journal and debrief of my miss adventures. If you order a Bootcamp you may feature in the course of my misadventures. 
And to the people reading this and going Aww, the Truth Hurts...you probably are not wrong. :)

Gori Olufon