Fight Depression And Anxiety Like Your Life Depends On It.

Dealing with Anxiety & Depression or Get in the Pit and Try to Love Someone!

Now I am not a doctor a therapist or even a counsellor. But you knew that. I am merely a person that has dealt with depression my whole life. Full disclosure, I also have anxiety and narcissistic traits.
Yay! Anyway, as you know or may not know I just broke up and I've been a little down about it. (Understatement.) 
The negative is obvious, a sense of loss, the positive is it has forced me to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life. And this is key always, always, always, know you have options, even when you feel like you don't, even when it feels like you know you don't, understand, you are wrong, and have options.
This is the mind fuck, of depression, it convinces you, you have no options and, being convinced you have no options and not having options, to your mind, is the same thing.
So again understand you are WRONG and that your thinking is faulty and act accordingly.

1. Reach out:
Talk to someone, anyone, even when you think you are alone, you really aren't, it takes a surprising amount of work to be truly alone. Reach out to the people you know, whether you like 'em or not. They are your invisible network. And then there are emergency services, you can reach out to as well, this is free.

Crisis Text Text CONNECT to 741741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis.

2. Dealing with pride:
The idea you are weak for asking for help has killed and continues to kill so many men.
Once something threatens your health, it is no longer a pride issue, it's a survival issue, and I would never look down on a man that survived, I would admire him, surviving takes strength.

3. Workout:
Seems simplistic but depression and anxiety cannot co-exist with exercise. It can't, which is why the last thing you want to do when you feel down is exercise, which is why you need to do it.

(Notice a theme? Depression is a mind virus that causes the host to NOT want to do the things that would destroy it. (The virus, not the host.)

4. Get Inspired:
We all have a work that inspires us to our core. For me it's Batman. For you it might be Rocky. But humans collect stories of others overcoming adversity for, just such a time as this. So remind yourself of who you are. You Are The HERO of this story. This story being your life.

5. Watch ALL the Comedy:
That whole thing "laughter is the best medicine" is a cliche, but it's a cliche because it's true. Laughing does not magically solve everything, but it does give you a new perspective. Mine is "if I can laugh and mean it, then it's not that bad." Gallows humor, e.g all of "300" the ball smashing scene in "Casino Royale" every hero that laid down his life for others, up to and including Jesus (whether comedic or not) inspires, because it shows a willingness to give your life for something important. And the strength, defiance, inspiration and yes comedy that can come from that.

6. Get 8 hours:
Sleeping helps. And having set sleep and rise times helps even more. Don't over do it though and look up sleep hygiene. Google.

7. Eat a balanced diet and drink water.
Google will tell you how.

8. Get your worship and or meditation on.
Go to church or wherever your place of worship is, again focusing on something that is not you, should give you perspective, plus support. Do whatever you need to do, to get wherever you need to go.

9. Meditate. It helps. Google.

10. Get into Flow
Flow is a meditative state where you are completely absorbed in a task usually physical. So that hobby or sport, you have always wanted to do, go do it. Or good old yoga, look at it this way, there will be girls there :)

Well that took a pretty serious turn, but then again it is a pretty serious subject.

If you take nothing else, take this
like your life depends on it.

-Gori 'The Truth' Olufon

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