10 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

10 ways to get over a Break Up.

Hello Illuminati, yes, Game Coaches go through breakups. Why? The alternative is to go through life getting laid and never forming any real bonds, and while this is really, really fun, it also gets old, like you will be some day :)
Anyway so it happened, and its actually kind of funny because I don't really have anyone to go to for advice, so I..have...to...coach...myself? :)
So lets make a 10 list on how to get over a breakup.

10. Accept it's over.
Let it go, you broke up for a reason, it's broken. If you go back you are accepting the thing you said you couldn't accept. Lowering your value of you to yourself.

The sadness you feel is normal and healthy, feel it, don't run from it because it won't go anywhere, the only way is through, that said, the rest of this list should help. Give yourself a week.

8. Get out of the house.
It's easy to fall into a rut, duh! You had a girl-friend, well you don't now, so, unless you're the biggest celebrity on earth (and even if you are) you my friend are going to have to get out of the house and look. This is actually an awesome thing, it just doesn't feel that way at first.

7. Don't be Bitter.
Nobody cares, nobody, least of all quality women are going to think "oh he's only acting this way because he was hurt", "I can fix him." Women are attracted to health, physical and mental, the only girls attracted to damaged dudes are damaged themselves, now, while this can be extremely hott, it presents its own problems. So err on being a stable, healthy, happy guy. (Or come learn dark game from me ;)

6. Re-invent
Look at this as an opportunity to go even deeper into the things you love and care about. Why? Because that's what got you a girl in the first place. So lift, run, read, study, take a class, do that thing you always wanted to do. Tell yourself, you are better off without her, and prove it.

5. Push yourself
And by this I mean, make an effort past what you think makes sense as per talking to girls. Guys always underestimate how much effort to put in. So go overboard, now I don't mean hurt anyone in any way, I mean give every girl the benefit of the doubt. Why? You're out of practice and are used to acting like a boy-friend.

4. Discover your inner Fuck-Boy
This one is controversial. A fuck boy, the way I understand the term is a guy, that will do anything to get laid, and eschews, things like loyalty, honesty and integrity. My reasoning is, if you're not a fuck-boy now, you probably won't ever be one, but you can use fuck-boy strategies and tactics to...get past this hump. This includes narcissism Note*** I am not saying this is good, I'm just saying it is an option. That I can teach you.

3. Find your Bros.
What does this have to do with girls? Well if you can find your tribe and have good standing within it, it signals to women that you are stable and successful. Plus humans just work better in groups, there is a reason even Seals are obsessed with teams.

2. Go the fuck out!
Yes, it is a repeat, and no it is not a mistake. Go out! Like a lot! Day-game too! Talk to all the girls, even the ones you are not that interested in. Why? Because we need to boost that confidence Slugger!

1. Purge. 
I have gone this long without mentioning you ex for a reason. Get rid of everything of hers, and scrub and clean you web, work and living spaces. get rid of every trace. A person's very atoms (skin flakes, hair, smell) remind you of them when they are not there. Great when you are in a relationship, not so much when you are broken up. So get to cleaning and deleting.
Well there you have it Truth's break up top 10. Share and subscribe, daily blog posts and classes and boot camps available.

Gori Olufon