You Fight to Win so Game to Get Girls. Part 1

Fight to Win, Game to get Girls. Part 1.

Practice is practice, fighting is fighting, but it is also important to train how you fight.
Just as it is important to Game, how you want to meet quality women.
I am, for releasing attachment to the outcome, but you still have to try! There still has to be an overwhelming intent to succeed!
Why? Because when dealing with other humans (not just women) they have to see your intent, your focus, your drive, your confidence, that is how we win people over, that is how we show we are competent to lead and that is how we get girls.
It's lack of intent, that slows progress, leads to luke-warm approaches, and keeps sets from hooking. You might even be doing well, somehow and leave because you don't even realize she wants you, because you don't even care because you weren't there to succeed anyway. You were just there to do reps.
Let's stop doing this, your intent is your why, and without your why, you're just a dude running around wasting everybody's time.
P.S shout out to the Dragon, he would turn 77 today.

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