Fight to Win, Game to Get Girls. Part 2

11.27.17 Fight to Win, Game to get Girls. Part 2.

So intent is important, why you're doing something is important, maybe more important than what you're actually doing it.
But how do I make myself invest in every single interaction? Find a reason, it does not have to be huge and overwhelming or super powerful and you don't have to share it with anyone.
e.g I want to see her smile, get a number, dance, lay, kiss her, hold her etc.
It can be whatever you want it to be (as long as it doesn't entail something you wouldn't want done to you.) Point being your objective, your why, the goal of it, is to add urgency and power to your interaction. It gives the interaction a destination. So you're not both just standing there swaying.
In fact, Game, Pick Up, Dating Communications, why it works, is it gives you goals and how to get to them. It gives you a plan and people (women) respond to people with plans and goals. That are trying to get somewhere, we're hardwired to.
From Martin Luther King Jr, to Hitler this is what leadership is, and it can be used for both. Act and react accordingly.
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Gori Olufon