Do interactions with Women start Great, only to fizzle out? You may be "better than you are".

11.26.17 Being Better Than You Are
Hello Illuminati, I get a lot of students that are quite frankly very accomplished, well to do and have some standing in society. Most of them want to have more choice with women, but some of them, have a lack of confidence that confuses women and comes off as incongruence. These are men that use logic almost exclusively.
How do you know if this is you? If women start of interactions with you excited and then mid way through get disillusioned and bored, then you're probably "better than you are". The problem with Being "Better than you are" is people, women especially test you on where you should be, not where you actually are.
If you look like a model, women will test you based on how you look and assume you have the confidence to handle it, and if you fail the test by say getting hurt by that. They would rather walk away from you with the "win" than stay and understand where you actually are.
The solution to being "better than you are" is to take risks, to push the envelope, see how far you can go and being unafraid to engage.
E.g walking into a bridal party with your shirt off and a cowboy hat on and hugging the bride, congratulating her. What you find is, the only thing limiting how successful you are with women and by proxy, how successful you are in life, is you.
So read books, find a mentor or hire a coach. New posts daily.