Do not drive yourself nuts, or start with why

Do not drive yourself nuts or Start with Why.
Dating comm, can drive you nuts, quite easily and it's kind of designed to, its not logical, it's emotional.
Which is why both these statements are true. A. Go after girls that are receptive to you and don't waste time on girls that aren't. And B. Girls will test you, if you give up too easily you fail.
Yes, it makes no sense and yes both are right. Why? Start with 'why'. As in why are you talking to who you are talking to. If you don't know why other than she looks good, then yea it's probably not going to go anywhere.
The military teaches how to harness positive aggression, because it's effective. I believe aggression is finding a way to take your objective personally. Finding your 'why' so to speak.
Long story short, definitely approach, definitely approach a lot, but definitely have a reason 'why'.

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Gori Olufon