Why you have not found your person. Or make a list and check it twice.

Why you have not found your person.
11.24.17 Or make a list and check it twice.
If you are just going out and hoping to find the woman you want, you are like an explorer without a map.
It doesn't make sense. You need something to tell you when you are colder or warmer, simpler still you need goals.
You need to activate your reticular activation system, or you subconscious. You need to not throw the magic warm pebble into the sea, you need to harness your dopamine the right way.
Wha...? dopamine evolved to give us a good feeling wen we got things done. It is what focused us on finding food even when we weren't hungry. But it was and still is visually activated. Early man saw an apple tree, when he wasn't hungry he got a little dopamine, went towards it, sees it is closer a little more dopamine and on and on till he gets to it and gets a lot of dopamine, which helps him memorize where it is.
Believe it or not lists do the same things.
Say on my list of what I want in a girl, tall is high on that list, no matter how many short girls I meet I've got to be ready to keep looking. Then I meet a tall girl, a little dopamine, then I go down my list.
Multiply that by a week or two, your dating life is already more awesome because you're talking to women that make you feel alive and they can sense it, as opposed to your former scatter-shot approach, which they could sense "you weren't really that into them."
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