Nov 22, 17: Start With Why.

Nov 22, 17 Hello Illuminati, where is the Truth? Right here, I've been in a deep long term relationship, and studying Jui-jitsu, but I never took my eyes off the prize, helping my bros live better lives.
On this page I will daily share my thoughts on being a guy and what that means. Be it Health, wealth or relationships, sexual or otherwise.
I have been studying up on Simon Sinek and highly recommend his books. He essentially proves good guys finish first, that knowing why you do what you do is more important than what you do, and humans work better together.

So here is my "Why" to give men the tools to connect with others especially women, and to do so in a healthy, mutually satisfying manner.
I am not a huge company, I am essentially a mom and pop store, compared to RSD's Walmart. And I'm fine with that because I can give individualized attention and frankly I try harder.
I travel to you, I spent up to 20 hours with you, I 'game' with you, I approach with you, and I go through the weekend with you, showing you the way.
I am your Sensei and guide, no matter what level you are at, from virgin, to advanced. If this sounds good to you contact me @
757.756.0840 or sign up at