How To Do The Best You Can With What You've Got

Humans have mirror neurons in our foreheads, which is how we have empathy, mirror each other and take social cues. So whenever we look at a human face we unconsciously mirror the expression. If we see smiling we smile, that’s how smiling and yawning are unconscious. We smile at smiling (genuine smiling, which recruits the eye muscles), even if it is for a nano second. And so we feel good, and want to look at that face more.

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Bootcamp In A Book 5: Staying In Set

5. How Time-Bridging Helps you that night.

I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating, once you time bridge with a woman, she will time travel to the established event with you in her imagination, and if it is as glorious as you have set it up/ described it to be, she will travel back with a decision on whether she likes you or not. If she has decided she likes you enough, and wants you enough…

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Dating Bootcamp In A Book.

7. Figure out where the kind of woman you want spends her time and go there. If she’s an actress, start acting. If she’s a model, start taking pictures. If she’s an athlete start playing the sport or at least go to games. It’s not always about meeting people in the street or in bars or clubs, although you will be going to those quite a bit.

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Why Are Your Bootcamps So Expensive?

“Question: Why Are Your Bootcamps So Expensive?

Short answer: Because they work.

Long answer: My students get a dating process that is 100% replicable, efficient and effective that is specifically tailored for them.

Regardless of age, race, wealth, nationality background or status…” Continued in blog.

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Gori Olufon