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The Truth is...

 Gori "Truth" Olufon

Gori "Truth" Olufon

 I am just a regular guy like you, I went to college, where I stumbled into relationships, eventually I dated the 'One' that got away and she broke my heart, taking all of my social circle with her.

I remember years of being alone and getting lucky once in a while, till one day I came upon the book "The Game by Neil Strauss" I thought it was a joke book but it jived with Communications theory, (my major in college) and so I studied it backwards and forwards and read all of the recommended books as well.

As a matter of necessity I trained a few of my friends in Pick Up, and realized I was very good at it, each one of my friends, I trained got good, some very good. So one summer I decided to go into business for myself.

I gave myself the handle 'Truth' because of my mastery of body language, mine and reading that of others. I learned how to read people, if they were friendly, unfriendly what they were thinking and most importantly which girls were attracted to me.  

I have a passion for helping others that may also find themselves alone.