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The Truth is...

Gori "Truth" Olufon

Gori "Truth" Olufon

I'm not special, I grew up, went to college, and was bad at relationships, eventually I dated the 'one that got away', she broke my heart and took all my "friends" with her.

I remember years of being alone and stumbling into a few bad relationships. One day I came upon the book 'The Game' by Neil Strauss. I thought it was a joke-book or a parody, but it jived with Communications theory so I studied it carefully and read all the recommended course work, applying my communications training and turning it into my major.

I trained a few of my friends, and realized I was gifted at teaching "Communication between the sexes" able to understand and backwards engineer a personal, actionable, curriculum, based on each student's goals, personalities and level of comfort with women. A cool thing happened, each one of my friends, got good, some ridiculously so, so at the urging of my new students and needing beer money, one summer I decided to go into business for myself.

Now my goal was always personal, I was always trying to fix me and become a better person, able to fall in love and sustain a healthy relationship, but what I discovered was a whole world of men that needed my help. They weren't lucky enough to be born into wealth or privilege or had a father to show them how to interact with women in an effective and healthy way.

Since then I have coached over a hundred men to success, (a lot of whom have written me testimonials) some wanted to be better communicators, some just wanted to be popular for once, others to be able to date whoever they wanted, but the majority wanted a girl-friend they could love and that could love them back, and maybe, hopefully, marry one day. I have trained men of every age, race and status and we all want love but were never taught how to find it.

I have a passion for helping others who find themselves alone. I do this through my live bootcamps and classes. I teach a combination of dating communications, evolutionary-psychology, and body language, live and in venue.

I offer personalized, one student, bootcamps in DC and all over the U.S. For more info click the link in the bio or visit